A big thanks to all who helped make our first fundraiser a success! 

Stand4Vets is off to the races in the process of helping several Veterans with dental needs and also partnering with our 1st Dental School in Minnesota!

We are also recruiting Dentists to come on board and be a partner! 


This Organization is an IRS approved 501(C)(3) nonprofit!

Mission Statement:  
To Strengthen the bond among Americans through the spirit of Volunteerism!  Bringing Americans together to improve the quality of life of our youth, less fortunate and Heroic Veterans!

When you stand for America you stand for Veterans!

We must "march on the colors" and individually carry our weight here on the home front.

Freedom isn't free!  We must all pitch in to make sure our nation stands strong and united.

Makea Difference!


Provide resources for those in need, reinforce patriotism and compassion for others, instill awareness and remembrance by honoring those who have gone before


Provide financial assistance for Veterans that need dental work.   


Provide resources for Veterans to move forward in life, gain employment or  start their own business and promote them!


A program to inspire our youth to be better Americans by showing compassion for others and furthering their education!